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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday AT

Time ticks by so fast...

It was 24 years back when you came to this world as my little sister..!
Aah those days of fight, fun and rivalry... Gone are those days .. Only memories reside in my heart..

Now you are big enough, almost taller than me..more beautiful than me.. stronger than me.. bold than me... more courageous, more caring, more scarificing.. and of course more rich..  :)

On your  this birthday, my best wishes, love and blessings (all packed in a surprise bag), I send for you...!
May you grow "day in, day out" and happiness sprawl around you..! May all your wishes and dreams come true... Amen..!
Hoping that you have the best 24th birthday ever (I hope you liked the gifts of this year)...!

Wishes from Mom, Dad, Me, Paltu and Chai..

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