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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating August...

But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes 

** Celebrating August **

August is the month of frienship and festivities get into gear as per Hindu Calender.
First Sunday of August was celebrated as Happy Friendship Day.
2nd of August till 30th August: Holy month of Quran, Ramzaan is here.
(Day before yesterday, we went with Wasim to the famous Rusell's Market and hogged on kebaabs and yummy phirnis..! what all mouth-watering delicacies!!)
4th to 14th August: What a shopping time I had at Dastakaar, Bangalore and Flower show at Lalbagh.
13th of August was Rakshyabandhan, that auspicious day when sisters tie the red-yellow-golden thread (rakhi) to brothers wishing for their health and happiness and for her protection. I too celebrated it..!
15th of August was Happy Independence Day. India celebrated its 65th independence. So did I..!
22nd of August: Yesterday we celebrated Janmastami..! What a peaceful moment it wa- Me and Chai and Nandi bro and BK Kerur..! all fun fun..! yummy food..!
And next week while August says good-bye to all of us, we will be celebrating Ganesh Puja (1st of Sept'11)

The whole month was such pomp and joyous ceremonies..!
I guess I am loving this season of rain (for a change)! (Lots of holidays ..may be thats why !!) :))

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