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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Complex world of Orchids

When the emotions are strong one should paint bamboo; in a light mood one should paint the orchid.
- Chueh Yin

It is said that this flower, ORCHID is a sign of love,peace and gratitude.
No flowering plant has captured the attention of humans, or stirred their passions, in quite the way that Orchids have done. In the past, Orchids have been hunted and collected in almost every part of the world. Today, millions of people remain devoted to the plant and its exotically beautiful "faces." The human fascination with these strangely compelling flowers is often referred to as "Obsession with Orchids."

Its a flower that i am obsessed with, love collecting them and growing them.In fact orchids form my all time FANTASY.This particular orchid is specialized in "sexual deception."(check in Amecomania on Sexual Deception)

The leaves were blackish green and the flower itself was glossy yellow, the yellow of a newly waxed taxi, and it was spattered with hundreds and hundreds of burgundy flecks. The flecks were slightly ovoid, and they were clustered in curving rows so that they looked as if they had been painted on as the flower spun around. Staring at the pattern of the flecks was dizzying. Staring at it for a long time was hypnotizing.
- Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief"

Wishing all readers a great weekend( but I have to run to office, sad a bit )

Current Mood: A big smile still persists(from morning) after seeing the full bloomed Dendrobias gift by Chaitra on 22nd Jan 2009.Thanks Chai for the lovely orchids.

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