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Friday, January 16, 2009

KUNG FU- sher

On my way back from the village temple to my uncle's house, we stopped at a point and so many clicks were taken by my dearest fren , the camera and one amongst the many well- shot captures was this Pied Kingfisher in action. Its flight was though short but pretty fast like some kungfu art and wasn't defensive though. It was for the meal and so quite offensive in its way. I realised that a bit late when it was gone with the meal in its beak , out of the camera coverage. Then I realsied why was that kingfisher gazing at the paddy fiels with a shallow layer of water.

And there it got its lunch... a yummy fish, for sure.... and so from kingfisher, it became kung-fu-sher.

Current Mood: HAPPY :)

A note on Shaolin KUNG FU art:
Prominent as a martial art, Chow Ka kung fu is not a freestyle nor invented style of martial art. Instead, Chow Ka uses the techniques, training methods and philosophies that were originally practiced in the Shaolin Temples.Historically, the Shaolin Temples have never focused on any one style. The Shaolin Temples were places that collected, revised, developed, and taught martial arts - much like a university. Over the centuries, Shaolin has both influenced and been influenced by the development of martial arts all over China.Early Shaolin styles such as Loe Hon Keun (Immortal/Enlightened Monk Fist) are said to have originated in the Temples. Whilst the five animal styles are said to have been imported by Shaolin monks who travelled throughout China, collecting new techniques from outsiders.As the Shaolin Temple's reputation grew, many retired generals were attracted to teach and develop their knowledge of kung fu in the Temples. At the same time, many monks left the Temple to teach kung fu to outsiders.

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