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Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Oh gorgeous Lady, I'm falling for your beauty"

I hate insects as I love butterflies... But this ladybug is something which is interesting in itself and so I have a fascination towards it. This cruel witchy heart of mine never kills them nor molests them nor mutilates them... I am doubt a ladybug lover..

Oh you gorgeous lady..
I'm falling for your beauty.

Oh Dear Lady.
You are so sexy
And gorgeous is your color..
I adore that Red colored overcoat
With black polka dots on them!!

Oh you gorgeous lady..
I'm falling in love with your beauty.!!

Thought of the Day:

"He who is really good can never be unhappy.
He who is really wise can never be perplexed.
He who is really brave is never afraid."

-- Confucius

Current Mood: Exhausted but [:)]. (my bed is calling me)

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