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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pelican Hunt...

"Its time for some good huntings, owner." Said my Camera. I also realized that I haven't done some really great captures of Nature and thanks to Chaitra for the weekend trip plan for a lovely, so Eco-friendly Bird watching site.

My visit to the near by village Kokkare Bellur, some three hours bus journey from Bangalore, on the way to Mysore, was enthralling as I was really excited like a kid as to know how a pelican looks like and how a painted stork. Well finally I saw them in groups of thousands. A community-based project has sprung up around the breeding site at Kokkare Bellur in India. The Mysore Amateur Naturalists (MAN) was established in order to protect the pelicans that breed in the area and concentrates on the involvement and education of local communities, who historically have close ties with these birds. I realised Mankind still persists....

I kept clicking till I completed both my SD cards.. Ha,,ha... Crazy photographer.

Current Mood: Want a break and be into wild.

Photo: Spot- Billed pelican(IUCN Status:Nearly Threatened)

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