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Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birding Times Continues...

As the title of today's post suggests-"Happy Birding Times Continues..."

I never saw a Eurasian Oriole( Haldi Basant, as in Hindi or regional languages), though I had heard from mom so many times during the end of winter and in spring as they are well spotted until three years back when TAYA showed me in PU campus. That fine morning, when I went for a walk and met Taya on her way back from work out, I found her stopped by a huge Madhuca tree and was trying hard to shot this awesome beautiful bird.
Then only I realized, what a ORIOLE is.

Small Note on Breeding pattern: Mostly monogamous,Nesting season is from April to July. Its nest a is beautifully woven deep cup of grass and basked fibres bound with cobweb, suspended hammock wise in four of leafy twig 4-10m up. Its eggs are white in color and spotted with black or reddish brown.Further Details can be found @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oriolidae

Thought of the Day: "LIVE in a way that is full of LIFE."

Current Mood: thoughtful.
(Check the poem in One Small Life N So Many Thoughts)

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