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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Yummy Lunch

"What is food to one, is to others bitter poison", Said Lucretius.
But There is a contradiction to it also.
"There ain't no such thing as wrong food."- Quoted Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle, 2004.

Better we all know whats the truth. We all live to eat and eat to live. They aren't separate I guess. Each one has to struggle for his/her/its share of the energy source and that is what we do, every co-creature of ours do too.

Mommy always kept saying the story of the sleeping lion who couldn't catch the deer as prey. I realized that we all have to spend energy and our efforts to get our lunch. I always remembered this story of Panchatantra and its ever-resonating saying-
"Udyamen Hi Sidhyanti, Karyanina Manorathei,
Nahi Suptashya Simhashya Pravisanti Mukhe Murgaha..!!"

I spotted this bird busy in my garden's grassy patch, trying something out and then with a keen ecologist/ naturalist eye, I could get the hint.. So ran with my two legs in air inside the house, opened my airbag,held it tight in hands, dashed out of the house, leaned on the hedge of Durantas and gave a chance for my dearest fren "My Camera" to show its Jalwa(of course my proficiency and efficiency)....
And there lies the final output.

"One of my favorite shots".

Current Mood: Hunger pangs running in my stomach( will have my lunch).

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