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Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh its a Monday :(

Oh, It's one more Monday... As the night is creeping in, everything seem blue to me.. Huh.. !!
I just hate Mondays...!

However, this morning-tea is a boon. Its sort of  a 'kick-ass' for me - from not leaving my comfy sleep to letting me leave the bed, getting ready and rushing to workplace to start a new challenging week..!
I'm sure its gonna be a typical Monday Roller -coaster ride..!
And as always, I have been suffering from the Monday Blue Syndromes since last Saturday night...  But this cup of tea (in my favorite cups) is gonna break that iceberg making me active and agile, back to a 'workholic' mode with a bang..!

That's the story of my Monday Tea. Whats yours story?

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