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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Birds that Love special Cage

I love collecting unique knick-knacks..!
Guess what, I had been to this mela (KalaMadhyam Mela, this May) at CKP in town and came back home with these cute birdies along with other antique goodies. These birds were so irresistible. I got tempted at the first sight, and bought them all.
Now they are displayed in my closet. At times, they are above my head, pinned into my hair-up-do-buns..! And I love each one of these.

As the famous saying goes (Henrik Ibsen)~
"A forest bird never wants a cage."

But these birds love their special cage- the black, long, whirly and wavy curls..!
And so do I, the proud owner of these bird hairpins!

1 comment:

Manjushree said...

very attractive n eyecarching hairpins to put lovely curly hair of urs...luvely one's

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